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This week in bizarre news…

…is this headline I never thought I’d read…

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Rugby World Cup

Have you been following the Rugby World Cup?  Does anyone in the US care?  Is it getting any press coverage at all? It is, naturally, pretty huge over here.  England, Wales, and Scotland are all mighty and the games have … Continue reading

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I want my MTV

MTV recently turned 30 and in tribute the Guardian has compiled a list of the channel/network/brand/empire’s 30 best moments.  For what it’s worth, I enjoyed going through and reliving some of my teenage years through these Youtube clips– though I … Continue reading

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‘The mongrel bitch’

Given the response to their recent ‘Americanisms’ feature, the BBC has published a follow up from American public radio host Grant Barrett.  I think he hits the nail on the head regarding the evolution of language and the beauty of … Continue reading

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I like beer (and I’m a girl).

Every once in a while, an article pops up over here about why more women don’t drink more beer, and how breweries are going about changing that.  Sure, I know a lot of women who only drink spirits or wine, … Continue reading

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Women’s World Cup: the aftermath

Well.  Well, well.  I haven’t quite collected my thoughts and digested everything that happened last night, so I’m going to keep this short, but I did want to post something on the Women’s World Cup to get the discussion going. … Continue reading

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Calorie listings at Michelin restaurants?

Calorie counts are being introduced on menus, but where and when are these numbers actually appropriate?  Listing figures on fatty, cheap, fast food menus, and at ‘everyday’ restaurants, makes a lot of sense, but do they have a place in … Continue reading

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A bit more on the recent good news from NY…

Following Jeffries’ lead… Here’s an international take:

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Working from home: the discussion continues

My post today adds to the the debate about working from home vs. working in the office. As a PhD student in the humanities, I don’t have an office.  I actually miss the days of commuting, even the hour+ commute … Continue reading

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Judging wine by its label

I got a kick out of this article (and the graph! there’s a graph!) about wine.  We’ve all been there, staring at a wall of bottles and having little idea of what to pick.  As the writer of this article … Continue reading

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