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Vade likes long walks, long books, long meals, short articles. Based in Boston, he wishes he spent his time thinking, reading, writing, running, drawing, cooking, experimenting. He grew up in the great suburban U.S.A. (and has a lot to say about that), but now spends most of his time in and around Boston. His favorite herb is rosemary, favorite author is Pynchon, favorite color is yellow, favorite physicist is Penrose, favorite bird is duck, favorite sentence buffalo. He resides in a cubicle.

Stuxnet: how it went down

So much interesting stuff happening these days. We’ve got Julian Assange, socialized healthcare in the U.S., and…stuxnet. You may have heard about it a little while ago. It’s important because it’s one of the first instances of a purely digital … Continue reading

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Belarus fails at elections

Surprised? No, maybe it’s not so surprising that things in little, forgotten Belarus are much the same as they were behind the Iron Curtain. Why bring it up? Well, it’s interesting to consider the difference between a normal view of … Continue reading

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