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And now for something terribly practical

…backing up your Gmail!  Who even knew?  First, an anecdotal account of what happens to your email in internet oblivion (and what can happen if you have friends at Google to track down the problem) – and then some how … Continue reading

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Is junk food actually cheaper?

A piece from the NYT resident foodie, Mark Bittman, analyzing whether the cost of fast food is actually contributing to growing obesity rates among the lower socio-economic strata – Bittman argues this is not the case, and outlines some relatively … Continue reading

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I’ve got the next Mythbusters segment

How much bubble wrap do you need to successfully jump out of a building? Wired breaks it down for us

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What happens on 9/12

I  like this commentary from CNN on the loss of the the national unity we had on 9/12/01, and more specifically Washington’s pledge to overcome partisan politics to protect national security.  10 years later, we saw a vicious standoff in … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11, 10 years on

I’ve been really conflicted the past week or two as there’s been heightened media coverage going into the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I wasn’t entirely aware of all of the events of that day, not being entirely mature enough at … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney…eesh

The fact that Dick Cheney literally doesn’t have a heart beat is one of the funniest things (he had a surgery where he literally no longer has pulsatile blood flow, but more of a steady stream) framing the news some … Continue reading

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Republicans v Science

So, Rick Perry doesn’t believe in evolution, and Mitt Romney seems to have a non-stance on climate change in order to appease the Right’s voting bloc.  Okay, great – let’s just put on blinders to years of scientific evidence, or … Continue reading

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Protecting the ugly, as a minority?

Rather than throw some more Hurricane Irene related news at you, which most of you must be seeing/hearing this weekend, I thought I’d toss this op-ed your way, on the merits of providing something by the way of additional protection … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Powerful Women

…according to Forbes.  Sometimes it concerns me that people like Madonna are more powerful than Supreme Court Justices.  The influence of the media, so to speak. I’d also be interested to see some sort of “attractiveness” metric, and compare that … Continue reading

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S&P President to leave on heels of US downgrade?

So, here’s something a little fishy: the president of Standard & Poor’s, the credit rating agency that just downgraded the US credit ranking, is slated to leave at the end of the year.  This announcement was made days-weeks after the … Continue reading

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