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Amazing Footage from Space!

Courtesy of DR. This is the coolest video I have seen in ages.

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Promising MS Treatment! While it will be years before this treatment becomes available on the market, it is heartening to see progress being made. MS is a degenerative neurological disease that affects somewhere near 2.5 million people worldwide, and currently … Continue reading

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Checking in On Libya: Electrical Engineer Appointed as Prime Minister

This is an interesting article regarding NATO’s pulling out of Libya, and the man the interim leadership has elected to power.  As for the situation on the ground in the newly liberated country, I can only assume it’s still a … Continue reading

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Health Care in the US: Not Worth the Extra Cost

It’s official (and has been for some time).  The US spends, according to this article, 15% more on health care than the next-highest spending country.  This seems like it would lead to better health care-but that is far from the … Continue reading

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Qaddafi Gone: Now What?

Warning: the article you are about to read is extremely biased. Nevertheless it offers some interesting viewpoints.  This being a momentous event, it’s necessary to discuss the fallout.  Christopher Hitchens, outspoken (to put it lightly) as usual, makes a very … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan on Frequently Asked Questions

Here, Michael Pollan (long silent because he has been working on a new book) answers some frequently asked questions. Some of the questions are a bit silly (for example, will we see in vitro-grown meat any time soon?), but overall … Continue reading

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Rick Perry (and others) on Immigration

Most Republican candidates in this year’s campaign race are staunch anti-immigrationists.  They generally support tougher border protection and better enforcement of current legislation before they introduce alternatives.  Perry has gained a “soft on immigration” reputation because he is the only … Continue reading

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Rapid Results: Profile of a Fast-Acting Company

I am always interested to see what new innovations Tina Rosenberg has dug up for her New York Times op-eds, and today’s is no disappointment.  She discusses a company called Rapid Results that sets goals for companies, villages, or corporations … Continue reading

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Wiretapping Without Consent?

Currently, the 7th Circuit is hearing a challenge brought by the ACLU against the Eavesdropping Act of Illinois.  The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Sun Times reported on the case this past week.  This law prohibits the recording of conversations … Continue reading

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Clinton on an Israeli-Palestinian Compromise

I think this article by Elliot Abrams is as blatantly biased against Palestine and former US president Bill Clinton as Clinton’s recent interview was biased against Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  I am actually appalled by Clinton’s claims … Continue reading

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