The Earth May Have Had Two Moons?

This is fascinating I think. Imagine how different our views of the night sky would be if we had two moons, instead of one. I wonder how the tides would be affected? I wonder if we would seek to claim one moon for ourselves? With just one moon, it’s easy to say that the moon belongs to everyone. But if there were two, I can imagine a Cuban Missile-like crisis erupting over who controls the moons. Maybe we’d be more into space travel, if so? Crazy to think of all the possibilities having another moon might have on our lives. What do you think?

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5 Responses to The Earth May Have Had Two Moons?

  1. Elspeth Reoch says:

    Fascinating- and thanks for sharing!
    Although the article appears to take on a bit of a different kettle of fish, I knew the title sounded familiar (and I knew I watch too much TV…):

    (By the way, if all you back in the States aren’t familiar with the BBC show QI, I highly recommend it!)

  2. Elspeth Reoch says:

    (I also realize Stephen Fry/the QI researchers were a bit wrong in this case, but for what it’s worth… quite interesting!)

  3. Elspeth Reoch says:

    (And as if leaving two comments in a row isn’t enough, it just struck me that I’m wearing this t-shirt at this very moment: Oooh.)

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