Hardest exam ever?

Here is a cool post from Paul Kedrosky that I found, a few sample questions from the entrance exam to the All Souls College.  It has some intriguing thoughts, and definitely seems me the toughest writing exam I could take.  Some of my favorite questions:  How many civilizations are there in today’s world?  Has there ever been a period that was not an information age?  Are universal human rights a form of cultural imperialism?  What are your favorites and do you have any suggestions for possible questions?


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3 Responses to Hardest exam ever?

  1. John Galt says:

    Thanks! I really liked those questions. Extremely thought-provoking. I also liked, ‘what is war good for?’. I think while challenging, the exam would be very fun to take! It would certainly be more entertaining than having to fill in the blank: pencil is to pen as chicken is to… Those are borderline banal. At least this makes you think and construct a rational argument for why you believe something to be true.

  2. Elspeth Reoch says:

    I like the post from ‘optimider’ in the Comments section: ‘Do epistemological questions have a correct answer?’

    Also, does this remind anyone of the Essay section of the Writing part of the SAT (old SAT II)? When I took the old SAT II my question was ‘There is always a however. Discuss.’

  3. Dell says:

    Super inoarmftive writing; keep it up.

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