Energy Policy Needs an ROI

Great read about how the mindset of green energy proponents is not on ROI but instead on other, less measurable factors. We, as a country, and as a world, need to refocus our energies on clean energy. Rather than less measurable stats, like moving 18-wheelers to natural gas, cutting OPEC in half, let’s talk like Wall Street does. What is the ROI? How soon will taxpayers be able to get their money back, and at what rate? This is common thread in traditional investing. Clean tech should be no different.

Dear pundits: Energy policy needs an ROI

Posted on September 9, 2010 by Alex Taussig

“If only U.S. energy policy were judged by the same economic criteria we use for startups. While most of the time, I use my blog to write about startups in energy and cleantech, I felt the need to address a pet peeve of mine in the energy policy arena: the lack of a return on investment (ROI) metric or other meaningful measure of success.”…(Read more)

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