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10 Natural Wonders to See Before They’re Lost

Today’s post comes courtesy of Big D who sent along a slideshow with some amazing pictures of places to visit that are in danger of disappearing due to the combination of global warming and man-made causes. Take a look. Have … Continue reading

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Skiers jump avalanche

I had to share this video because it is pretty awesome.  These two skiers jump an avalanche.  It is pretty funny how they react afterward, but I think they can do whatever they want after that.

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Is It Time for a Rail Renaissance?

I love travelling by train. Except when it is slow and/or overpriced – both of which often happen in the Northeast. I don’t have much experience with rail travel outside that area. However, rail travel, in theory, can be amazing: … Continue reading

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Obama’s visit to Brazil

Friday evening U.S. President Obama will depart for Brasilia to meet with newly elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.  This will be a very important meeting for both nations as their leaders hope to strengthen their ties after the Iranian debate … Continue reading

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American dating: positively Georgian!

I couldn’t not post this article from Hadley Freedman on more Anglo-American fun, not least because my own accent is admittedly also morphing into some sort of ‘Loyd Grossman-esque melange.’  Those who know me will have heard me rant about … Continue reading

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Things that make me angry

1) the fact that CNN’s coverage today has dealt with insurance companies losing money, oil prices rising, and shorting the Nikkei index because of the tsunami that hit Japan. 2)this chart from the Atlantic that seemed to be able to … Continue reading

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Badass Volcano Pictures

So who want’s to go to Hawaii? “Scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the floor at the Pu’u O’o crater on Kilauea volcano collapsed around 5pm Saturday.  An eruption from the fissure was spotted shortly thereafter.”

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50 inspiring travel quotes

For all you travelers out there, reading these inspiring travel quotes is a great way to start your Friday and greet the weekend.  So if you have no plans, maybe get out and do something out of the ordinary, fly … Continue reading

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Disappearing languages: National Geographic’s Enduring Voices campaign and a map of language hot-spots

“Every 14 days a language dies.”  This is according to this article from National Geographic online.  The page explains Nat Geo’s “Enduring Voices” that aims to preserve and study the world’s unique and threatened indigenous languages.  Many people may not … Continue reading

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10 best beach cities

I know Adailyglimpse loves countdowns so here is another one.  I also know John Galt will like to see Barcelona and Rio in a post.  As for me, there is no other experience like visiting the urban beach.  Beaches in … Continue reading

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