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You Can Learn Anything

The brain is a very plastic organ and just like a muscle it needs to be worked out on a regular basis. Luckily today we understand a lot more about cognition, and we have more access than ever to continue … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ferguson, MO

As the insanity transpires in Missouri, I feel the need to vent my frustration and decided I’d like to start blogging again. Here are some of my thoughts on the Ferguson conflict and I would love to hear what you … Continue reading

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Daily Links February 16th

Should plastic bags be banned?  I think this is a pretty controversial law, but I do like it.  How are we going to get people to change their habits?  But, does the government really need to get its hands in … Continue reading

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Brazil files lawsuit against Twitter

The Brazilian government has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for not closing the accounts of users who have been providing information on drunk driving checkpoints and speedtraps.  An interesting conflict!

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Are Americans over the McMansion?

Let’s hope so!  An interesting article on the shrinking house size in the United States.  Is it because people don’t have the money?  Or are people starting to realize size isn’t everything?

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This week in Latin America

Colombia resumes Dollar buying to devalue Peso.  So does everyone else… a race to the bottom.  Now Argentina announces it will control wage growth. Is anyone not corrupt in the Brazilian government?  The head of the Brazilian mint (Casa da … Continue reading

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Buffett vs. Gold

So I am not going to take any opinions here because I understand both sides. Buffett’s praise of stocks. An interesting rebuttal many seem to be starting to agree with from the always controversial Sovereign Man.  WTF Warren Buffett?

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The media take lead on Iran

I am kind of sick of the media as well as politicians beating on the war drum.  Why does it seem like the beginning of another endless war?  Glen Greenwald always seems to express exactly what I would like to … Continue reading

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Iran worried USA might be building 8500th nuclear weapon

Fun article from the Onion, that has a lot of truth.  The whole Iran thing is way over the top.

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