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The Condo at the End of the World

21st century castles is what some call them. These people aren’t building anything crazy. From two different viewpoints they construct the same thing. An ark to protect them against the inevitable. “On a long enough timespan, the survival rate for … Continue reading

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Is a virus dead, alive, or both?

This article talks about how the thought of believing in free will gives the believer possession of free will. I’ve been having discussions with many of my friends about the correlation of viruses, and ideas. Free will is nothing but … Continue reading

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Square Up

I heard about Square about a year ago, and was trying to utilize it for my business when we do transactions with customers. For testing purposes it wasn’t allowed until this year to be used by businesses, and since then … Continue reading

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Where does creativity come from?

I just found the best website to quench my thirst for knowledge. The site is Put in any question you want, and what you’ll receive in return is limitless. Quora is not like wikipedia, its not like yahoo answers, … Continue reading

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Weak Dollar, Strong Oil

An interesting article in The Telegraph points out that the recent surge in oil prices is directly linked to the value of the dollar. Any time that you print money you will raise the price of commodities and oil is … Continue reading

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Are Libraries Outdated?

Other than a museum, what are libraries used for? Why do we still have libraries? Why don’t we just scan all our books and make them available on Then the government pays a small fee for each view to … Continue reading

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Soak the Rich

Will taxing the rich help solve all of our deficit problems? According to Hauser’s Law, the national average tax revenue over the last 50 years has averaged about 19% of GDP regardless of what tax rates have been on the … Continue reading

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Wu Tang Cable Access Show

It’s so interesting that this video even exists. I know from experience that when you get started in music, sometimes you don’t make the best decisions. Hell, even when you’ve been doing it for a long time you don’t make … Continue reading

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A Missile Warning

Can you believe that we came that close? A missile off the coast of California launched during rush hour on monday, leaving a large contrail of exhaust climbing up the sky. Possibilities? Its almost eerie that the media is blacked … Continue reading

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Cure For the Common Virus?

In the past, it was impossible to fight off a virus that was inside of the cell. Techniques for anti virals made it dangerous for the virus to spread, but that left damaging effects on the body and continual use … Continue reading

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