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National Geographic Best Astronomy Pictures of 2011

I think we can all use a reminder of how minuscule our little Earth is.  These are gorgeous contest winning photographs of space.  Enjoy!

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Obama’s Jobs Plan

For those of us who didn’t watch his speech, here is a good recap of President Obama’s new Jobs Plan.  Some of his ideas seem worthy-the article highlights the innovative concept of using federal funds to refurbish abandoned and foreclosed … Continue reading

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Uncovering Years of Unspeakable Abuse in the Catholic Church

This article is so infuriating and sickening, I almost didn’t post it. But I believe that after being allowed to cover up its evil crimes for so many decades, the Catholic church should not be let off the hook yet again.  I … Continue reading

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Green Jobs Are Not the Answer

Like many young optimists, I thought that Obama’s ascent to the presidency and the general trend toward green living in America would mark this as a time of change and explosive clean technology growth.  In a way it is, but … Continue reading

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The DOJ Steps Up in AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Recently, the Justice Department filed an anti-trust suit disputing the 39 billion dollar merger between telecom giant AT&T and its smaller counterpart, T-Mobile.  The deal would merge the country’s second and fourth largest cell phone companies, which the DOJ claims … Continue reading

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How American is Interventionism?

In this post from the Atlantic, one author suggests that intervening in other countries’ political affairs actually goes against the founding principles of America as a nation.  In the context of Libyan intervention, while many are currently celebrating “victory” now … Continue reading

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Checking In On: Myanmar

I know next to nothing about Myanmar, formerly Burma, aside from the fact that there has been bloodshed in recent years and that its relations with China are tense.  However, according to this article, I have much to learn. The country … Continue reading

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Fishing: The Final Frontier

Although this article is from back in July, it is a very interesting review of the new trend of fish farming.  With fish remaining one of the last wild foods that we as a species regularly incorporate into our diet (not … Continue reading

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China’s Energy Future

This brief article discusses some of the important challenges that China faces as one of the fastest growing economies and energy consumers in the world.  China has much work to do to prepare for their continuing rapid growth, and it … Continue reading

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Tensions Continue to Rise in Libya

This is an interesting article about a particular group of Libyans that have been marginalized and used by the Qaddafi government throughout the several decades of his rule, the Amazigh (or Berbers).  Now that the rebels have captured and held … Continue reading

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