Clinton on an Israeli-Palestinian Compromise

I think this article by Elliot Abrams is as blatantly biased against Palestine and former US president Bill Clinton as Clinton’s recent interview was biased against Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  I am actually appalled by Clinton’s claims that Netanyahu is entirely to blame for the degradation of the peace process between Israel and Palestine, and ashamed to have a former president as well-respected as Bill Clinton make the claim that levels of support for peace can be divided among ethnic groups.  That is a simple-minded way to view things, and although I support the creation of a Palestinian state, President Clinton failed to acknowledge the existence of a younger generation of native Israelis that, in my opinion, will be the ones to enact change in the region once they come to power. In any case, Clinton’s comments and Abrams’ scathing (and again, similarly biased) review should be read.  It is important to see a well-known political figure express dissent towards Israel, since so very few do in the United States, but this should not include ignorant or racist statements.

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